John Hill and Don Lubberts LIED at Council

John Hill and Don Lubberts blatantly lied at the Council Meeting on Friday when they claimed they never received any sternly written letter from the Molinaros about possible lawsuits.

Staff have confirmed the Town was in receipt of at least one and it is worthy to note, that Collard and Steckley refrained from commenting in order to protect Hill and Lubberts who would have been exposed for the liars they are.

Interestingly enough, it looks like Pinocchio and Hill shop at the same clothing stores.

Is this who you really voted for??


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If I am not mistaken, lying in council is grounds for dismissal.

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Greg Bonito was making a very solid point and putting them on the spot. They should have not said anything, instead they chose to lie.

Greg was making it very clear that they knew they would be sued because the developer told them they would in a letter. They played stupid on this, but they knew about the letter. The town lawyer even verified it after.

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Lier lier pants on fire, maybe it should come out of mothballs??

55 year resident of Crystal Beach

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Ann Marie Lubberts, Ann Marie Collard and little poopie pants Ann Marie Hill. What a family.